I have worked with a lot of designers in last five years, at times I have worked with them to design websites or mobile apps, tshirts or bags or at time AR filters or generative digital art. All the designers I have worked with have taught me a thing or two. I will share some of the links and tools that you guys can use to create your own designs, use references or hire some designers for yourself.

The Links are not in particular order

Starting off with:

You may heard it before but I will mention it

Design Anything with its set of templates for all your requirements, stock images, icons and different layouts. Canva has recently added logo maker and animation in its toolkit. You can use it to create stunning presentations, Facebook posts, Instagram stories and many more in a short time.

The website has hundreds of high quality stock images and videos from creative talent that you can use in your design work

Similar to pexels, this is another website for free usable images from different creators.

I have always loved hand drawn illustrations used by designers I have worked for so far, Blush app gives you the ability to generate such illustrations using pre-built design and editors to create one. This tool is essential if you want to have illustration type in your designs.

home page images of blush design app
home page images of blush design app

Ouch helps creators to draw quality graphics. Download free PNG and SVG illustrations from top Dribbble artists to enhance your product.

Lottie has a lot of free illustration animations that you can use for your digital assets, plus you can buy animation or hire people to create animations according to your need.

Page for free animations at lottie
Page for free animations at lottie

flaticon has set of vector icons that you can use in multiple presentation or apps for use.

Lstore has multiple UI kits, mockups and 3d illustration and tools to create multiple things.

Icons8 offers a lot of assets. Explore and download design elements for free: icons, photos, vector illustrations, and music for your videos. All the assets made by designers → consistent quality.

UI kits and Interface assets for designers and startup creatives

Logo Makers


Before you develop fully functioning something, an app or website. Use the following tools for prototyping with their given templates or start from scratch. All of the tools mentioned supports collaboration, can work with other team members to finalize designs.

Instant Post or Story Creator

There are several apps that let you create instant post or stories right from your smart phones. Some of the apps ( can be found on both ios and android) are as follows:


Websites you can use for inspiration, references and to hire designers.

On a side Note: I have worked with designers and just want to tell you one thing. Before saying, “THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT IN THE DESIGN”, please ask the designer what is their process behind designing something and believe in their skills first. If you want to propose any changes try to come up with reasoning too. :)

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